Crocs Footwear for zulily

The rundown: To create a short video to live on zulily’s website where it would be embedded on the point of sales page aiding in conversion.

Concept and Execution: The concept/idea came from the various uses that people get out of crocs ranging from from the world of professionals to to kids and play. Length for these types of videos generally range from 30 seconds up to 2 minutes.

Gear Breakdown: All footage was shot on a Panasonic Lumix GH5. This camera is a workhorse when it comes to its size and price point. The set was lit with two Desisiti 1200 watt HMI’s from each side with diffusion. Pretty simple setup. Post production was done in Premiere Pro.


Styling By: Gabrielle Rouleau

Assistance by Jessie Baird

"Double Header Sweater"

Double Header Sweater

First off, you’re gonna laugh. This ones an odd one, but these are the exact types of things you find on zulily.

The rundown:

“Do you want to get closer to that special someone, but you’re not sure how? Introducing the Double-Header Sweater! An innovative, modern solution to loneliness designed to keep you closer to that special someone, available to buy here from 1/21/19-2/3/19. So say goodbye to sweaters that make you feel lonely, and hello to the coziest way to spice up your relationship…because life’s just better when you’re in the same sweater! 😉 “

Concept and Execution:

When the concept came down the pipeline I had my doubts about being able to pull it off. Relatively, this was a pretty low budget production. Luckily, all the gear was already in house. We made due with what we had and shot with a few simple lights, a Zhiyun gimbal, the Lumix GH5, and cool recording/streaming software and hardware called Sling Studio. Previously, I was able to build a rig not only for Facebook Live productions but for mobile recording with playback. It came in handy in the field.

Gear Breakdown

  • Dracast LED1000 2 Light Kit. (500LED is a little more price friendly)

  • Zhiyun Crane 2 (Bought this for myself, its a great rig!)

  • SlingStudio Hardware/Software configuration - This software/Hardware combo is a beast. Runs off of an iPad or MacBook. Allows live streaming to youtube and Facebook or any RTMP channel. Configuration also allows wireless video recording/playback with up to 4 Cameras and 10 IOS devices.

  • Panasonic Lumix GH5 - This camera is also a beast and a little workhorse. I love how light it is along with the tilt screen, which is great for running with the gimbal. Autofocus adjustments allow for quick and barely noticeable focus switches. Shoots 4K and slow mo footage. Metabones adapters allow you to attach any currently owned lenses. Great alternative price point in comparison to Sony A7R’s.


Production Lead: Sean Gumm

Videographer: Chance Mclaren

Copy by: Maria Hashim

Styling and Production Guru: Gabrielle Rouleau

Assistant Styling: Jessie Lehrbaum

Video Editing: Matthew Drake

HMU: Hailey Opacich

The Rig

The Rig