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At a young age I found a passion for photography, which was sparked further with an adventurous move to Alaska. From there it quickly grew into a hobby. Living in Alaska had its perks. Who can say no to photographing the Northern Lights? I found myself constantly spending many nights of the dark Alaska winters shooting the Auroras. My fingers and toes found that there was no way to stay warm and my body learned what sleep deprivation was.  My cameras became accustomed to shooting in -60 F. Landscape photography is my first love but city life can challenge getting out to shoot.


With a move to Seattle in 2012 I attended the Art Institute, from which I obtained a Bachelor’s of Fine Art in photography. Oddly, I quickly transitioned to shooting fashion, portraits and Editorials. Working with fellow creatives such as designers, marketers and stylist, allowed me to learn a great deal about the industry. Landscape photographer to fashion photographer. Quite the transition if you ask me!


I would love to hear from you. Feel free to reach out if you have any questions.


Awards And Publications

Seattle Met Magazine February 2016: Interview found here:

IBUKI Magazine Publication: January/February Issue of 2016

Borealis Fashion Art Magazine Publication: Issue 4 August, 2015-

Borealis Fashion Art Magazine Publication: Issue 2 February, 2015

Photographer's Forum Best of College and High School Photography 2014

Alaska Magazine Photo Contest: 1st Place In Scenic Category 2013

Photographer's Forum Best of College and High school Photography 2012

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